Some Sweet Day 2008
August 28th, 2008

Charlie Burchill, Jim Kerr live on stage 2006. (c) Bob Thacker

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Some Sweet Day 2008:
New album? New Tour?, the 30 Years Live concerts, and Interviews with Eddy Duffy, Producer Peter Walsh, and Sons Of Dan's Mick MacNeil, Derek Forbes, and Brian McGee.

Previous Years Events:
Some Sweet Day 2006:
Live tracks from the Black And White Tour, Interviews with Eddy Duffy and Four Good Men's Mick MacNeil and Derek Forbes.

Some Sweet Day 2005:
World Premiere Music from Black And White 050505 album and sessions. Simple Minds in 5.1. Interviews with Jim Kerr, Bruce Findlay, Steve Lillywhite, Mick MacNeil, and Ronald Prent

Some Sweet Day 2004:
Preview of The Silver Box by Jim Kerr

Some Sweet Day 2003: The Great Blackout!
Interview with Jim Kerr

Some Sweet Day 2002:
Neon Lights, Cry and The Floating World Tour, Interview with Jim Kerr.

Some Sweet Day Y2K:
Our Secrets Are The Same, Interview with Jim Kerr.

Simple Minds Marathon'99:
After Neapolis, Glasgow For Kosovo, Interview with Jim Kerr.

Simple Minds Marathon'98:
first Simple Minds Marathon in eight years.

Simple Minds Marathon'91:
The Street Fighting Years Box Set.
Simple Minds Marathon'89:
Hosted by Aaron Burke.
INXS/Simple Minds Marathon'88: 20 Years Ago!

What can I say ..... thanks to all who put the energy and devotion into this marathon of Minds music! We are most flattered and full of appreciation for the encouragement that is offered to us in the knowledge of such an event that centres around our band!

Yours respectfully/ Best wishes from Scotland.

Jim Kerr.

P.S. Way to go ....... Ohio!

Jim Kerr, fall 1998

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